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[GUIDE] Registering for SHINee World Japan

This guide will walk you through the registration process for SHINee World Japan, provided that you have the all the requirements. Note that this will only guide you in registering, not ticketing or buying merchandise. Please read other guides for those :).

1. Make sure you have a legit Japanese address, a Japanese mobile phone number, and a VISA/Mastercard credit card.
2. Make an account in Make sure you register in the Japanese website!
3. Use your login credentials in tickebo to register in SWJ site.
4. Pay the one-time entrance fee of 1,000 yen as well as the annual fee of 5,200 yen. Total is 6,200 yen.
5. Congratulations! You are now a member of SHINee World Japan!


1. a legitimate Japanese address
This address is where SWJ will send your fanclub ID and other goods, that's why it needs to be a real, existing address. It might be an address of a friend or relative living in Japan. If you do not have acquaintances in Japan, you may use forwarding services.

* What are forwarding services?
These are companies that assists non-Japan residents in ordering stuff from Japan. Some of them can buy the items for you for a fee. Some provide you with a "box" with its own address to which you can send the stuff you buy. Please note that this box is different from a P.O. box. Most membership clubs do not accept P.O. box addresses.

* How will a forwarding service work in my SWJ membership?
Once you register for a forwarding service, they will give you a unique address. This is what you will input in your SWJ registration. When stuff from SWJ are sent to members, yours will be sent to the forwarding service's address and they will notify you about it. When you get the notification, they will compute your shipping fee + handling fee (you may choose the type of shipping you want). Once you paid for the shipping + handling fees, they will send you the items! You may also store your items in your "box" for a limited time (e.g. 90 days) if you are waiting for other items to arrive; that way you will save a bit in consolidated shipping.

* What are some forwarding services that offer "boxes"?
I've only tried two so far: Baggage Forward and Tenso. Both have different fee system so make sure you read up on their terms!

2. a mobile phone number
This number is only used for emergency purposes, usually for ticketing, as well as for security purposes. However, they do not or rarely call this number. You may use the phone number of your forwarder or...find a way ;). Note that this number must be unique, even if they barely use it.

3. a credit card
This is for your payments. Visa/Mastercard is accepted.


A. Tickebo Registration

1. Before you go to the SHINee World J website, you first need to make a tickebo account. Go to Remember, it must be the Japanese site, not the English one. Click the icon with the book.

2. You will be led to a page with terms and conditions. Click the green button at the bottom.

3. You then have to fill in the registration form. Refer to the photos below for the translation or read on below.

- Your name must be in katakana. You may use English to Katakana converters for that. Make sure first box has your last name, second box has your first name.
- For furigana just type your katakana name again.
- For mobile number, make sure it's the 11-digit mobile number. You may leave the house phone number blank.
- In typing your address, look at the Japanese address provided by your friend or forwarder. A Japanese address looks like this:

Japan, 〒150-0041 東京都渋谷区神南1-22-14
(this is the Tower Records Shibuya address, please do not copy!)

Given the example:
? Your postal code is 1500041
? Your prefecture is 東京都/Tokyo (just look for the kanji counterpart in the dropdown)
? Your town name is 渋谷区神南 1-22-14 /Shibuya-ku Kannami 1-22-14
? House number is the number usually found at the end of the address, like 1-22-14
? Apartment/Room No. is not required

- Type your birthdate as year (4 digits) - month- day
- For the sex, choose 1st option if you are male, 2nd if female.
- Choose a profession from the dropdown menu. You may use 会社員 (company employee) or 大学生 (college student)
- Choose if you want to receive email updates from Tickebo.
- Choose a subject you're interested in.
- Click the button at the bottom.

4. The site will lead you to a confirmation page, just asking if the info you have entered are all correct. If they are, click the right gray button at the bottom.

5. You will then land on the confirmation page. They will finalize your registration by sending a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. You must click on the confirmation link to finalize your account! Now, it's time to enter the SWJ site itself!

B. SHINee World Japan Registration

1. Go to the SHINee World Japan website. Click the white button below the video stream (encircled in photo).

2. The next page tells all about the benefits you can get as a member of SWJ. Some of them are:
a. your own SWJ membership ID
b. your subscription to the SWJ official magazine, SeeK.
c. an e-mail from SHINee sent to you on your birthday
d. a (digital) photo from SHINee sent to you on your birthday
e. priority ticketing rights for concerts and other events
f. ability to join fanclub-restricted events
g. ability to buy fanclub-restricted goods
h. mail updates of SHINee news in Japan

The fee for joining SWJ is 1,000 yen. The annual fee is 5,200 yen. On your registration, you need to pay for both = 6,200 yen.

If you agree to the fees and the benefits shown on the page, click the black button at the bottomest part of the page.

2. You will reach a page that links the TERMS AND CONDITIONS as well as the registration link. You can click either of the two buttons below. Either one will lead you to the login page.

3. Here, you should click the "I agree to the terms and conditions" part. Then input your username and password from Your username login is your e-mail address. Click the button to log in.

4. The next page will again tell you the fees you have to pay to join SWJ. Click the black button if you are okay with paying.

5. And the next page is just "are you really sure???" LOL. It will also tell you that it will send you mail magazines from both SHINee World J and SME Japan. Click the black button once more.

6. You will be asked which form of payment you want. Click the first photo (クレジット) for credit card.

7. Here, you have to input your credit card details. After that, click proceed and a confirmation page will come up again (I do not have any screencaps for this ;; ). Just continue clicking the button until SWJ gives you a welcome message. You now have access to SHINee World Japan!

8. About renewal: A couple of months before your account expires, SWJ will remind you to pay your annual fee of 5,200 yen. If you don't want to, you are free to deactivate your account or let it expire. If you want to continue, there will be a link in your MY ACCOUNT page to the renewal. You will again enter your credit card info to pay for your annual fee.

➤ PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE. I will take this down if I see it being reposted.
➤ Please inform me of any mistakes. You may also help me provide screencaps for the last few steps, since I can't get them now as a member.
➤ If you have questions, please screencap the page and copy/paste the text in your comments. Thanks!

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