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160506 modelpress interview

Some of the questions in this interview are also used in SHINee's Excite and Tsutaya interview, so I've left them out in those interviews.

Q1: Your new song "Kimi no Sei de" is a heartrending song with funky and catchy uptune beat, but when you first heard it what were your respective impressions of the song?
Minho: I thought it was a song wherein loneliness and warmth coexist.
Jonghyun: The lyrics are awfully sad.
Key: I thought that the intro and the melody were memorable and reminded me of songs from earlier times. I thought I want to sing it in stage as soon as possible.
Taemin: I feel the same but I think that it has a nostalgic Jpop melody and it's very impressive.
Onew: I was also impressed by the heartrending melody.

Q2: When you sang the song "Kimi no Sei de", is there something different compare to (other songs from) before? Were there any difficulties?
Key: It is a dance tune with a fast tempo, but the lyrics are painful and presents sadness, so it was difficult thinking about how we should perform it. So, when we sing it, we make sure to sing the lyrics very clearly and we were careful with our pronunciation and accents.
Taemin: We've always sung with our vocals matching the concepts of every dance performance. But this time, this song is a dance tune but we have to sing it emotionally and it's something we haven't really done before so it was difficult.
Onew: It was hard singing while dancing during live performances, since the dance choreography is very intense.
Jonghyun: For me there wasn't really anything difficult. It's a song that's easy to sing and leaves a strong impression.
Minho: Same with Jonghyun, I also thought it was a song that's easy to sing.

Q3: The lyrics of Kimi no Sei de are about the pain of a broken heart, and presents heartrending emotions, but were there any particular lyrics you find memorable?
Key: For me, the chorus where we sing "Kimi no Sei de" is the most memorable. Singing the line over and over in Japanese makes it quite an earworm, so it's really good.
Taemin: For me it's my own part that goes, "I've become so good at pretending to forget that it's sad" is the most impressive. I think it exudes the feeling of a broken heart very well.
Onew: For me it's the part that goes, "It wouldn't be this painful if we hadn't blue..." I think it really shows the feeling of being "blue" (lonely).
Jonghyun: For me I like the part, "Because of you, I've grown weak." It's a strightforward statement of a disappointed love.
Minho: I like the part, "You're Baby Blue." I think it's great because the melody feels like it's resounding.

Q4: Looking at your live performance, the dance is surprisingly intense. This time, please tell us about some points in your choreography that you are particular about.
Jonghyun: The part where we have to show the emotions of the lyrics in our facial expression. Also I fuss about the parts where we have to move as one (in sync).
Key: It's a dance that conveys the pain expressed in the lyrics. When we first listened to the song, I thought the dance would be quite simple, but it was actually quite difficult so we were surprised. I think that that kind of inverse balance looks attractive on stage.
Taemin: Really, the gap between the dance and the song is impressive. It's normal to have a sad atmosphere while performing a sad song, but with this feels like we're running with all our might to shake off the feeling of sadness.

Q5: Please tell us your thoughts when you first performed the song in Yoyogi this March?
Taemin: We were practicing it until the day before the concert, so I was really nervous.
Minho: Since it's a song that we're performing before it's even released so I had high expectations from the fans' reactions.
Key: I was really happy to hear the cheers from the audience.

Q6: What is an absolute necessity for you, that if it's lost it's "no good anymore"/something you can't live without, in relation to the lyrics of the song on feeling sad about a lost (love)?
Jonghyun: I think my family is a very important existence to me. The members...the members are alright (LOL).
Everyone: HEY! ! (LOL)
Key: For me, it's my private time. Work is of course important, but doing that all the time is dreadful so I don't think I can live if I cannot have time for myself.
Onew: For me it's the hospital.
Everyone: (LOL)
Key: Of course, we're grateful for it.
Onew: Especially since I'm prone to illness (LOL).
Taemin: Ah! The water bottles on stage!
Everyone: (LOL)
Minho: Also the food that we eat after the concert. Of course we become healthy/energetic when we eat.

Q7: The single's coupling song, "Nothing to Lose" is an upbeat melody that has a hard guitar at first but opens into a pop chorus. It is a song about being reborn to a new self. You have sung rock-ish songs in the past, but this is a different type for you, right?
Minho: That's right. During the recording, it had a novel feeling to it. I think it'll be different from other songs we had before when we perform it live.
Jonghyun: It's something new from SHINee, but I think it's also a song that matche s SHINee well, too.
Key: I think that it's balanced well with "Kimi no Sei de". The two songs' constitution, the refrain's catchiness, and the chorus match well. They are of different genres but it's fun that way. I'd be happy if people would also listen to "Nothing to Lose" a lot.
Taemin: It's different from "Kimi no Sei de" and it's a song that makes energy swell up. I think that's what is charming about it.
Onew: We haven't performed it in a concert yet, but I'd like to dance it with everyone and be fired up. Once we perform it live, I think it will make everyone excited.

Q8: With regards to your tour this year, "SHINee World 2016 ~DxDxD~", you started last January and have added dome concerts. For a total, your concert tour visits 10 locations and 20 venues, with about 350000 attendees nationwide. It is your tour with the most number of attendees. Did you discover something new in this year's concert? Please tell us some of your impressions.
Onew: We visited a lot of regions, and we even visited Fukui for the first time. We discovered new places. Fukui is a place famous for dinosaurs, and I've loved dinosaurs since I was a child so it's good that we went there.
Key: In this tour, there are a lot of new songs taken from our album DxDxD. I've wanted to perform the songs (in that album) since we were recording for it. Especially "Wanted", I wanted to perform it live with more impact than what is heard in the recorded song.
Minho: This year's tour has a different feeling from the other tours we had before. Compared to the previous ones, we had more room/time in this tour.
Taemin: I feel the same. When we're doing the concert, we have more leeway so we're able to see a lot of our fans' faces. And, I saw a lot of male fans. I also heard the voices of male fans, it was amusing.
(t/n: I think the time/room/leeway they're talking about is that the concert is flexible and not time-constrained as their other concerts. They can talk a lot and walk around a lot, etc.)

Q9: And then soon, you will perform for the first time in Kyocera Dome on the 14th and 15th, and you will also perform in Tokyo Dome for two days on the 18th and 19th. What are you excited about?
Taemin: Of course, we want to show everyone a dome concert that only SHINee can pull off. We're doing our very best in order to return the love everyone has given us.
Key: During last year's Tokyo Dome, I was so so so nervous. Despite that, it was great. But this year, I want to absolutely show everyone a different side of me, to have more leeway in order to see the different sides of the venue for myself so it will be an enjoyable concert.
Jonghyun: Just like in the previous dome concert, I think we have to be absolutely passionate. I want to create the same atmosphere as that of the previous time. During last time's dome concert, I overdid myself and when it ended my stamina was so worn out and it was terrible. But I think that feeling is great, so I would like to do my utmost best, too, this time.

Q10: Please tell us what keeps you interested/occupied these days.
Onew: I'm recently liking customizing my car so it's car maintenance/custom. Also, I'm recently very much into Taemin's Korean solo album (LOL).
Taemin: Thank you very much (LOL). For me, when it comes to music, I'm interested nowadays with the singer Avery Wilson.
Key: For me, I'm recently into the OST of the movie Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Also, I'll be doing it from now on in Korea--acting on stage.
Jonghyun: For me it's games. "Bloodborne" for PS4 is difficult but fascinating. I play it all the time.
Minho: For me, I think the singer Lukas Graham is great. Also, something I've been enjoying doing lately is horseback riding.

Q11: What would you like to do this summer?
Onew: To go somewhere in my custom car.
Jonghyun: To go and have fun with all my heart in Busan.
Minho: This summer, I want to try shooting arrows while on horseback.
Everyone: Ohh!!!
Key: I want to sleep outside. Something like camping.
Onew: Sleep outdoors (like in the open air)?
Key: Ah, no. Camping is great, but really I haven't slept outdoors before. Even when camping, I still sleep in a room. That's why I want to do it at least once.
Taemin: I want to go to a hut in the heart of the mountains, and spend time in a place wherein I have to use wood for a fireplace, like an old person (LOL). I want to go to a place with good atmosphere/ambiance.

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